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Professional Staff

Chris Sheppard, LPC


(734)662-6300 ext. 51

Personal Statement

I have worked in mental health for the past 35 years and have had my master's degree in counseling for over 20.  Most recently, I have worked with individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) as well as their families, and their more traditional issues related to dealing with what happened to their child or adult child. 

Often, while the child was cared for, the parents were not cared for or treated for their issues.  They often had problems with anxiety, depression, parental guilt, spiritual problems related to what had happened, grieving for what had been lost as well as PTSD and difficulty with ongoing trauma. 

The individuals with the TBI's often had a variety of serious problems due to the injury.  These problems included serious psychiatric symptoms, chronic pain, substance abuse, and often violent behavior. 

I also have experience working with men who have been sexually abused and health care workers who are having difficulty coping with their job or career. 

Therapy is a collaborative process.  Everyone's story is unique and the therapy process should be as individual as each person is.  You should feel safe, even though some of the things discussed, possibly by necessity, may be difficult.  The client should decide when and if to share and discuss painful issues.  Individuals should feel increasingly comforable with themselves and the world around them as the process progresses. 


  • Gender: M      
  • In practice since:  2000 
  • Alternative languages: none
  • Ages served: adults


  • Graduate School: Master of Arts in Counseling, Oakland University
  • Year Graduated:  1999


Adjustment to Chronic Health Conditions, Anger Management,  Anxiety, Crisis Counseling (individual and families), Depression, Family and Friends of who who have completed suicide, Gifted Adults, Health Care Professionals Issues (Stress and PTSD), Men who have been sexually abused, Parents with sick or disabled children, PTSD, Spiritual/Religious/Church issues, and Substance Abuse related to the other issues listed.      

Treatment Preferences

  • Orientation: Behavioral, Client Centered, Cognitve Behavioral, Mindfulness Practices, Psychodynamic, Psychoeducational, Relaxation Techniques, Trauma Informed Therapy.     
  • Modality: Adults Individual   

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