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Michael Joseph, MSW

Personal Statement

As a therapist I believe that self-awareness about one’s personal history, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions are often 
an important first step to understanding “why do I feel/respond the way I do?” Still, your current life circumstances
will always stay well within my focus. My work will always lend itself to answering the important questions:
“What are my choices now?”; “Are there ways of engaging my life circumstance and the people in my life
differently?”; and “How can I get myself to change that which is in my control to change?”

You can expect to:
*Talk about your distress without shame or fear of judgment.
*Learn the bio/physiological underpinnings of fear, anxiety, and depression.
*Learn how your own emotional responses can work for and against you.
*Identify your unconscious beliefs and learn how they influence how you perceive your world, your
relationships, and the choices you make.
*Learn to distinguish your wants, needs, priorities and values from those of others around you.
*Learn how to calm your anxious arousal and replace it with an attitude of curiosity and experimentation.
*Learn to choose with confidence and self-awareness in face of incomplete information and unknowable


(734) 662-6300 Ext. 67

Personal statement:





  • Gender:   M
  • In practice since: 1982
  • Alternative languages: None
  • Age: Adults



  • Graduate School: University of Michigan
  • Year Graduated: 1982


  • Anger management, Anxiety, Bipolar, Codependency and adult children of alcoholics, Cognitive behavior therapy, Conjoint/marital therapy, Cultural issues, Depression, Difficulties related to physical illness, Divorce, Grief and mourning, Men's issues, Personality disorder, Relationship problems, Sexual identity, Stress reduction, Substance Abuse, Suicide/other crisis intervention, Thought disorders, Work related problems.

Treatment Preferences


  • Orientation: Eclectic, Cognitive behavior therapy, Interpersonal, Neuropsychology
  • Modality: Individuals, Couples

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